The Story Behind the Two Step Process

Shawn Humphries and Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson and I

When I first began teaching golf, like any new teacher, I only taught beginners. I noticed that there wasn’t a step-by-step process for new-to-intermediate players to learn. Every other activity out there has some sort of standard process for teaching. So why didn’t golf?

In 1988, I began breaking the golf swing into steps and started teaching students my Two Step Process. I was working for Eldrige Miles at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas. He is the one who gave me my first pro job and taught me the club business. The years went on, and I refined and honed the Two Step process into a solid system for teaching the game of golf. When I was the director of instruction at Carmel Valley Ranch in the 90s, I could line up as many as 50 people and teach them the Two Step Process all at once. It would blow your mind the impact and results I was getting. It was so cool!

People would watch my clinics, scratch their heads and say, “I have never seen anything like this before in my life.”

In 1998, I began working for Byron Nelson as the director of his golf schools. We would produce over 25 schools a year in a 6 month span. I introduced Byron to the Two Step Process, and he loved it so much that he wrote the forward to my best-selling book. Byron also wrote a recommendation letter for me to become a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

This is the same process I taught Troy Aikman and the legendary coach Bill Parcells. Troy liked it so much he wrote a second forward to the book. Bill endorsed the book as well with a nice quote on the back cover. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have these kinds of endorsements for such a simple process. It truly reassures me that I’m on the right track when it comes to teaching.

To help you get ready for spring, I’ve lowered the price for my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing DVD and book. Save 32% off retail price and CLICK HERE to discover why Byron Nelson, Troy Aikman and Bill Parcells endorsed this revolutionary process. But you’ll have to hurry because the sale ends on 2/29/12.

12 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Two Step Process

  1. It seems Instructors dissaprove of the many that pay for the game of golf, to hit the driver in practise. The seem to like to teach the chipping, putting etc. Sounds like a backwards game, I have never started from the green and played back to the tee. What would be you response?
    Thanks Don

    • At an optimum one should learn the game from the green outward. Since putting represents 45% of your total strokes, comprised with short game and distances of 125 yards and closer–your total percentage equates 65%. If you truly want to be a better player. All great coaches would recommend that you begin learning the game on the putting green.

  2. Tiger shot 71 with 35 putts – make a firm believer out of me 😀

    Soooo looking forward to Cowboys GC today !

  3. Shawn, I recently bought your Learn a Repeating Golf Swing DVD, and have enjoyed your instruction and the way you approach it. I saw immediate results in my short iron shots, better distance and accuracy. I just can’t seem to hit my driver. I have tried moving closer to the ball, further away from the ball, moving ball position in my stance, nothing seems to help. I just can’t seem to hit the ball flush, it’s either weak fades or thin hits.

    • Erv–good to hear you like the Repeating Swing DVD. Regarding the driver–please don’t just move things around to find a quick fix for the day. Stay stead-fast with the plan and the driver will come around. The driver takes much more time than any club in the bag. With that said–the last thing you want to do is try quick fixes. Shawn

  4. Hi Shawn, just recently received your Two Steps DVD…..excellent! Love your uncluttered teaching style…..but never received your book. Could you please advise? Regards Phil

  5. Just ordered the 2 Step package and am enjoying it. But I am struggling with the take away a bit. 2 Step teaches a takeaway by hinging immediately with the butt of the club pointing toward the target almost immediately.

    But the Hump day tips teach a takeaway with the butt of the club pointing to the belt buckle for some distance before the wrists hinge the club up. Can you help to harmonize these two concepts?

  6. Shawn…I’ve been a avid follower of your Hump Day tips for almost a year now and have enjoyed your instruction and the way you approach it. Also, I saw immediate results in my short iron game with better distance and accuracy. Recently, I wanted to up my game and decided to look at new irons to buy. However, I’m sort of in a dilemma and trying to decide on whether to purchase a set of irons with steel or graphite shafts. Presently, my iron set has the Nippon NS 900XH steel shafts. I find them very comfortable to swing because of the weight of the shaft (90 gm). However and because of arthritis in my hands, I’m trying to decide if graphite would be better. Most golf literature suggest going to a graphite shaft to eliminate shaft vibration that is seen with steel. I’d like to get a graphite shaft with a weight range in the 90-98 grams. In my review, I’ve looked at two graphite shafts in that approximate weight range; the Project X 4.5 (91 gm) and Miyazaki C.Kua 95 (95 gm). Additionally, I would like to have the same graphite shafts in my wedges (50, 54, & 58)…for better weight consistency and swing control. I would appreciate any advise or suggestion that you might have in helping to solve my dilemma.

    • Harvey- you are on the right track. The important factor to remember. Hit the clubs outside and not into a simulator. Graphite is definitely lighter and has less impact on your hands and arms. Let me know what you find.

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