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Shawn gives you the inside scoop on these personally tested products and how they can impact your game.
adidas Tour 360 LtdThis Month: The NEW adidas Tour360 Ltd shoe

adidas Tour360 Ltd

The new adidas Tour36o series with FitfFoam technology is, well, all I can say it is over the top!  They have done an amazing job with this shoe.


* 2-year waterproof warranty
* THiNTech low-profile technology brings the athlete closer to the course than ever before, promoting consistently solid ball-striking through added stability and improved footwork
* Full footbed POWERBAND CHASSIS with 10-cleat configuration enhances grip and power
* 360WRAP support system with Mono-Tongue construction offers ultimate upper stability and delivers a customized fit
* Hand-finished full-grain leather for a rich look and long-lasting durability
* 3D FitFoam sock liner for exceptional support, comfort and a customized fit
* Split outsole Tour Platform features 10-cleat Traxion configuration for secure grip and stability
* Clog-resistant DTAC cleats provide improved grip, stability and comfort
* Performance Last for precise fit, superior performance and contemporary shape

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  1. Two questions.

    1 Where is your support page. ie for email questions.

    2 I want to download one of your videos ‘how to build a repeating swing’ rather than mail it to Australia. I cannot see how to do so. Can you assist?


    • Gary–our DVD’s are only sold as disc. Due to intellectual property rights Shawn Has — these products are sold as a physical product.

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