Component Corner – TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrids

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NEW!  TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrids

Burner Rescue Tour  Launch

TaylorMade Golf Introduces New Burner Rescue Hybrids in Two Versions:  High Launch and Tour Launch

Both Feature TaylorMade’s Dual Crown Technology, Proven in the Tour Burner Driver to Promote Increased Distance

CARLSBAD, Calif. (June 4, 2008) – TaylorMade Golf, which created the modern hybrid category when it launched the legendary TaylorMade Rescue Mid in 2003 and which has dominated the hybrid market ever since, has introduced the next generation of Burner Rescue hybrids.  Two versions are available:  Burner Rescue High Launch, engineered to make it easy to launch the ball on a towering, long-carrying flight at average swing speeds; and Burner Rescue Tour Launch, engineered to promote the kind of lower, penetrating and workable ball flight that skilled players and higher swing speed players prefer.

Burner Rescue High Launch and Burner Rescue Tour Launch hybrids both share several key performance elements.  First is Dual Crown technology, wherein the size of the crown is noticeably smaller than the large sole.  The weight saved by Dual Crown technology is redistributed to create an exceptionally deep CG location that’s lower than previous Burner Rescue clubs, making both of these new clubs extremely easy to hit while generally promoting a lower spin-rate for longer distance.

Both new Burner Rescue hybrids also feature a fast-looking triangular Burner head shape that permits an ultra-deep CG location that makes both the High Launch and Tour Launch extremely easy to launch the ball high and long.  A key difference is that the Tour Launch CG is more forward (closer to the clubface) than that of the High Launch, giving the Tour Launch a lower flight and a greater degree of workability, which better players prefer.

The two new types of Burner Rescue clubs also differ in that the High Launch is designed with a shallower clubface to promote more spin than the Tour Launch in order to keep the ball in the air longer for greater carry and distance.  The High Launch is also engineered with a slight draw bias, to help prevent a slice while encouraging a distance-enhancing draw.

In contrast, the Burner Rescue Tour Launch is designed with a taller face profile and larger toe area, which lends an appearance at address specifically requested and preferred by tour pros.  The Tour Launch is also engineered with a slight fade bias, which is also favored by tour pros and better players to help prevent a hook.

Both the Burner Rescue High Launch and Burner Rescue Tour Launch incorporate TyalorMade’s SuperFast technology, to promote faster swing speed for increased distance.  Burner High Launch combines a SuperFast 60-gram graphite shaft with an Arrow 2 ultra-light 47-gram grip; Burner Tour Launch combines an 85-gram graphite shaft with a Tour Velvet 52-gram grip.

Burner High Launch Rescue Hybrids come in four lofts:  3, 4, 5 and 6 while Burner Tour Launch Rescue hybrids come in three lofts: T2, T3 and T4.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $219 per club for graphite shafts and $175 per club for steel shafts.  Availability for all begins at TaylorMade’s retail partners starting in June.