Component Corner: Ball Position Trainer

Want to know what golf components, products, and training aids have the SHGP stamp of approval? Shawn gives you the inside scoop on these personally tested products and how they can impact your game.
This Month:  Shawn Humphries’ Ball Position Trainer

Ball Position Trainer overhead view

Shawn Humphries’ Ball Position Trainer is designed around the 3 different sets of clubs in your bag:  long, middle and short.   These 3 sets of clubs have 3 distinct ball positions.   I have designed a trainer that hones in these ball positions, so you NEVER have to worry again about where to position the ball!

The BPT sets the entire tone for your golf swing with a foundation from the ground up.  It allows you to Plan, Practice and Perform.

Ball Position Trainer product detail

Ball Position Trainer detail

Are you ready to build a foundation for a golf swing that will be repeatable and dependable? Click here for more information and instructions on how to order!

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