Component Corner – Adidas Eyewear

Want to know what golf components, products, and training aids have the SHGP stamp of approval?  Shawn gives you the inside scoop on these personally tested products and how they can impact your game.

On Par II




As an instructor who is outside a majority of my day, I have worn protective lenses for close to 25 years and always believed that a polarized lens was the way to go. So, I would splurge on polarized lenses, spending anywhere from $150 – $300 on sunglasses.  Unfortunately, I always had a problem when on the course going from shade to light and would often take my shades off to read the greens.  On the fairway, the biggest challenge came when looking at the target and then back to the ground.  On the practice tee, I was never faced with this challenge; only when it was a cloudy day (which the light rays can be extremely harmful).

Just recently, I was introduced to a new eyewear line by Rocky Fresh of adidas eyewear and their new Light Stabilizing Technology (LST).  LST intensifies contrasts and at the same time harmonizes light fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow.  This prevents eye fatigue and improves the power of concentration.  Adaptations of this technology, such as LST Trail, LST Golf, LST Polarized and LST Bluefilter are precisely geared to specific uses and ensure maximum sport performance levels.

 In golf, precision is everything.  Being able to clearly focus on each shot you face is critical to your score.  To help support that focus, adidas eyewear has developed the on par II and T-sight.  With the specially constructed LST Golf lens designed to enhance the contours on the greens and protect your eyes from UV rays and sand particles, the on par II and T-sight will take your game to the next level.