Component Corner – Pendulum Putting Rod

Want to know what golf components, products, and training aids have the SHGP stamp of approval? Shawn gives you the inside scoop on these personally tested products and how they can impact your game.

PENDULUM PUTTING ROD (check out the video of the putting rod by clicking Read More…)

Pendulum Putting Rod

The Pendulum Putting Rod creates a connection between the putter and the pivot point of a great stroke – the sternum. The first putt you stroke with the Pendulum Putting Rod will be better than ever.

Using the Pendulum Putting Rod helps you with critical fundamentals:

  • A perfect one-piece connection between the shoulders, arms and hands.
  • It helps you stay in perfect posture throughout the stroke. If you lift your head, the rod will fall from your chest.
  • It gives you a consistent way to check your putter shaft angle at address. This creates consistent putter loft and distance control.
  • It keeps your stroke on plane. If you take the putter back outside the line, the Pendulum Putting Rod will fall from your chest.

The Pendulum Putting Rod adjusts quickly to fit anyone’s stroke.

  1. Holding the shaft, twist red tip; this unlocks the rod.
  2. Slide out to desired length.
  3. Twist shaft to lock into place.
  4. Place foam tip on the bottom of your sternum.
  5. Place the red tip on the back or center line of your putter.