Did You Know? – Jack Nicklaus

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Do you know Jack?

How much do you know about Jack Nicklaus?
1. How old was Jack when he qualified for his first US Open?
2.  He won an unprecedented and unsurpassed 18 major tournaments.  Can you break that down into the number of each major?  (Hint: The numbers are 3, 4, 5, and 6.)
3.  How many times was he runner-up in a major?
4.  Jack is founder and host of the PGA Tour event The Memorial, which began in 1976.  How many times did he win it himself?
5.  What year was he named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year?  Was it 1962, 1966, or 1986?
6.  He won his very first Senior Tour event (The Tradition) in 1990 then headed off to the Masters the following week.  Where did he finish?
7.  He was the highest ranked golfer on ESPN’S 100 Greatest Athletes of the Century.  Where did he place?  Was it 9th, 15th, 19th, or 22nd?
8.  On which university campus can the Jack Nicklaus Museum be found?
9. Only one player has recorded more PGA Tour career wins than Nicklaus’ 73.  Who was it?
10.  Who was his caddy when he won the 1986 Masters?








1.  17 (He missed the cut.)
2.  Three British Opens, four US Opens, five PGA’s, and six Masters.
3.  19
4.  Twice, in 1977 and 1984
5. 1978
6.  Sixth
7. 9th, with only Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzsky, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe and Willie Mays (1-8) ahead of him.
8.  Ohio State
9.  San Snead with 81
10.  His son Jack