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Discover the Elite Performance System that has produced PGA & LPGA Tour Winners, Olympic Gold Medalists, and World Champions


Learn why this system can help you immediately tap the full potential of every player on your team and put together an incredible golf season

It can be frustrating, embarrassing and downright maddening to watch a group of skilled and seasoned athletes fail to perform. So why do teams move down in college ranking despite having some of the better “on paper” players in their conference? And why do some programs seem to perform some kind of alchemy that turns a group of mediocre players into tournament-winning teams year after year? It all boils down to one simple concept:

A proven and defined process is absolutely key to consistently performing at an elite level.

Think of the most successful “dynasties” in sports:

* John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins

*Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers

* Oklahoma State University’s Wrestling Program

or a more recent dynasty… Nick Saban’s Alabama Football program…

Golf concept

Most of these programs have one thing in common…a systematic framework for producing elite performers. Now, there exists a complete training system that you can use to realize the potential of your players, your team and your season. Available nowhere else, the Elite Performance System provides you and your team with a framework that can be rapidly implemented to generate measurable improvement within 30 days.

Working within the NCAA Rules this system will:

  • Define what, where, when, why and how you train
  • How to structure training to help build confidence in your students
  • Teach your players to take their game from training to competition
  • Build a systematic strategy to approach every shot on the course
  • Instill the Olympic Goal-Getting Model to help students understand how to set goals and change habits
  • Learn what to do when a player’s performance drops
  • How to adapt your coaching according to students learning styles to increase retention and understanding
  • How to get your players to focus on process and not OUTCOME so goals can be attained

And this is just scratching the surface. The Elite Performance System is designed to add highly-researched but closely guarded win-based training to your collegiate golf program. Get the hands-on consulting and training to implement the “anticipation, action and reinforcement process” system with your team to achieve rapid results. Your players will quickly develop confidence to create their own personalized game plan. Be ready for, and excel in, every situational challenge you will face during the season.

Learn the exclusive system of performing under pressure that has stood the test of time and generated World and Olympic Champions in dozens of applications for the last 30 years. Get this system’s direct application to golf and see how it is currently being used by winning players on the PGA Tour today. Now is the time to train your team to be elite performers. If you want fast and measurable improvement in your season, then this is a system you’re going to want to hear more about. Click the link below and learn how a hands-on implementation of the Elite Performance System can transform your players, your team, your season and your program.

Shawn HumphriesShawn Humphries, A Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a GRAA Top 50 Teacher. Has been teaching, training and coaching athletes for 26 years. His academy–in its 16th season has produced 1,432 wins and 100% of the academies graduating seniors have been offered golf scholarships. Shawn is the exclusive trainer and instructor of the Elite Performance System for collegiate golf teams in the U.S.