Chipping like A Pro

In this tip, Shawn explains chipping like a pro

Precision Chipping

In this week’s tip, Shawn explains precision chipping.

Can’t Pitch the Ball?

In this week’s tip, Shawn explains what to do if you have trouble pitching the ball.

Chipping Angles

Discover how to create the proper chipping angles with this simple drill.

Underrated Wedge

In this week’s tip, I’ll explain three different chip shots you can make with your 52 degree wedge. (It’s my favorite club and the most underrated wedge in your bag.)

Perfect Chipping Angles

This week, I’ll show you how to create perfect chipping angles.You may notice that this week’s tip uses my Tour Sticks Training Package. If you’ve been following my instruction for any period of time, you’ll realize that these are the most versitle training aids on the market.

Spine Angle

The last Hump Day Golf Tip in 2011 brings us back full circle to the full swing. This week we’ll revisit how to create that perfect takeaway by looking at the toe of the club.