Chipping From A Bunker

Today’s Hump Day tip takes a nontraditional approach to the bunker shot. If you have ever struggled getting it out of the sand, this tip will be a lot of help.

Chipping Stance and Setup

Do you want solid impact every time you hit a chip shot? It all starts with your setup. Check out this week’s tip and upgrade your chipping technique.

Chipping Pre-shot

Do you have a pre-shot routine before you chip? It could make a significant difference in your score. Here’s a solid chipping pre-shot routine that will help you master this side of short game.

Chipping Master your Contact

In this week’s tip, I’ll show you a great drill that will help you master your contact in chipping.

Pitching Arc vs Chipping Angle

In this week’s tip, I’ll explain the difference between pitching arc and chipping angle. Lower your scores by mastering your short game.

Chipping Balance

In this week’s tip, find out how you can have more solid hits with chip shots for an easy tap-in. Also, we’re taking the Hump Day Golf Tips LIVE – for one night only. Find out more on the Hump Day page.

Chipping Lane

How’s your chipping these days? In this week’s tip, I’ll show you how to practice nailing your chipping line using two tour sticks. Having a visual will help you become a sharp shooter around the green.