Pinpoint Your Takeaway

Pinpoint your takeaway so the club never works too much to the inside on your backswing.

Easy Fix to an Inside Path

In this week’s tip, I’ll show you an Easy Fix to Creating an Inside Path. You’ll be amazed how to small adjustments to your setup can affect your ball flight.

Does Your Grip Have Leverage?

In this tip, Shawn explains how to get leverage in your grip.

Are You On Plane?

In this drill, Shawn explains how to keep your club on plane so you can take the right amount of turf and square the clubface at impact.

How to Draw the Ball

Discover how to fix your slice and hit the draw every time.

3 Keys to Hitting a Draw

Are you happy with your ball flight? In this week’s tip, I’ll show you Three Keys to Hit the Draw. These three easy steps will take your game to the next level.

Stabilize Your Backswing

Would you like to stabilize your backswing? This week, I’ll explain a simple drill (using just a sand wedge) to create the stability you are looking for.