Are Your Feet Square at Address?

Should you square your feet at address? In this week’s tip, I explain the correct setup that maximizes your energy and makes it easiest to shift your weight in the follow through.

Train Your Takeaway

Discover a simple technique you can use today to train your takeaway for a perfect backswing.

Head Up At Address

This week, I’ll explain why you should keep your head up at address. Yes, you’ve probably always heard “keep your head down”, but in this short video tip, I’ll explain why that isn’t always the best advice.

Simple Backswing Drill

In this tip, Shawn explains how to simplify the backswing and downswing for a better ball flight.

Tee Height Is Overrated

I often say that the secret to hitting more fairways is in the height you tee the golf ball. This week’s golf tip explains why your control is directly related to how high you tee it.

Key to Drawing the Ball

In today’s Hump Day tip, I explain the Key to Drawing the Ball. If you’re the type of golfer who tends to slice the ball, this tip will really make a difference.

Shape Your Finish

Are you a golfer who slices the ball? If so, making one minor adjustment to your finish can correct that pesky ball flight. Find out how in this week’s Hump Day Video. It’s all about how to Shape Your Finish.