Putting Solid Contact

Here’s a trick to help you create a solid impact every time you putt. This will get rid of bounce in your putts for an easy roll straight down the hole.

Bunker No More Sand Wedges

Are you struggling with your bunker shots? Put the sand wedge down. In this week’s tip, I’ll show you how you can use a 52-degree wedge and get the ball on the green for an easy putt.

Chipping Stance and Setup

Do you want solid impact every time you hit a chip shot? It all starts with your setup. Check out this week’s tip and upgrade your chipping technique.

Putting Warmup Before a Round

Do you want to eliminate the dreaded 3-putt? Follow this putting warm-up and get a feel for distance and speed on the green.

Bunker Training For Feel

Bunker shots are one of the most challenging shots for a golfer. Learn how to train for this shot so you can easily get out of the sand.

Chipping Pre-shot

Do you have a pre-shot routine before you chip? It could make a significant difference in your score. Here’s a solid chipping pre-shot routine that will help you master this side of short game.

Pitching Training Your Line

Have you ever worked on your pitching alignment? I’ll show you the easiest way how in this week’s tip. This will help you master this aspect of your short game and lower your scores significantly.