Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots

This week’s Hump Day Golf Tip is about how to Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots. This simple drill only requires a few golf balls and some tees… but it can make a big difference on how well you make contact for your pitch shots.

Super Sized Flop Shots

This week, Shawn will explain how to hit super sized flop shots by making a few adjustments to your regular pitching setup.

Solid Pitch Shots

Do you know the key to Solid Pitch Shots? In this week’s tip, I’ll show you a simple drill to lower your ball flight and make more consistent contact.

Perfect Pitch Shots

My tip this week explains a simple technique to Perfect Your Pitch Shots.

Essential Pitch Shots

Today’s tip explains the Essential Pitch Shots. Become a master short game artist by adding these two techniques to your arsenal.

Tour Quality Impact

Would you like to pitch the ball like a tour player? In this week’s tip, I explain a simple drill you can use to keep your club down and accelerate through impact.

Pitching Training Your Line

Have you ever worked on your pitching alignment? I’ll show you the easiest way how in this week’s tip. This will help you master this aspect of your short game and lower your scores significantly.