Pitching Arc vs Chipping Angle

In this week’s tip, I’ll explain the difference between pitching arc and chipping angle. Lower your scores by mastering your short game.

Pitching Pre-shot

Do you know that doing the right pre-shot routine would increase your chances of nailing that pitch shot? In this week’s tip, learn how you can be a pitching master by doing your pre-shots correctly.

Pitching is Full Swing

This week’s tip is called “Pitching is Full Swing”. Watch the video to discover why habits in your full swing are directly related to habits in your pitch shots.

Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin

This week’s golf tip is all about how to Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin. This type of shot is easier than you think. Once you watch the video, you’ll realize how simple it really is.

Find Your Ball Position

When you need to take a pitch shot with a sand wedge, ball position is important. Learn this little trick so you can pitch perfectly.

Tour Player Pitch Shots

Would you like to learn how tour players approach pitch shots? There is a simple routine you can apply today that will help you take the right amount of turf and reach impact better.

Hinge and Turn on Your Pitch Shot

Do you want to nail the perfect pitch shot? In this week’s tip, I’ll teach you two things you can do when you’re working your pitch shots that will allow you to play better golf.