Don’t Rush Your Putts

In this week’s tip, Shawn explains how not to rush your putts.

Hit Your Line

Improve your putts around the hole with this simple drill.

Key to Distance Putting

This week’s golf tip talks about the Key to Distance Putting. This drill helps you judge distances better and helps you work on your FEEL. (Hint: It is something that I talked about in Monday night’s webinar.)

Steady Hands

Use this drill to create steady hands and gain consistency in your putting.

Set Your Line

Improve your putting skills with this simple drill.

Impact Putting

In honor of the great putting at the 93rd PGA Championship, I decided to make this week’s Hump Day all about Impact Putting.

Get Your Putts Tracking

Do you struggle with hitting your line? In this week’s tip, I explain how to Get Your Putts Tracking.