Putting Solid Contact

Here’s a trick to help you create a solid impact every time you putt. This will get rid of bounce in your putts for an easy roll straight down the hole.

Putting Warmup Before a Round

Do you want to eliminate the dreaded 3-putt? Follow this putting warm-up and get a feel for distance and speed on the green.

Putting Pre-Shot

Do you know that doing the right pre-shot routine would help shave strokes off your score? In this week’s tip, learn how you can be the master of the green by doing your putting pre-shot routine correctly.

Putting Building Strategy

A great putting strategy will guarantee that you’ll have a positive outcome every time. Learn how to build one and commit to it. You’ll be able to shave some strokes off the green in this week’s tip.

Pendulum Stroke Drill

This week, I’ll show you how to train your putting stroke to work straight back and straight through.

Maintain Your Putting Feel

The Hump Day Winter Series continues this week with golf drills you can do indoors to get your game prepared for Spring. The first thing golfers tend to lose during off-season is the feel of the putting stroke. Learn how to maintain your putting stroke in today’s episode.

Train Putting Path

The Hump Day Winter Series continues with indoor drills to maximize your game in time for the season. Focus on training the path of your putting stroke with tour sticks. Learn how in today’s tip.