Bunker Alignment

In this week’s tip, learn how to set your ball line for bunker play. It’s a bit different from driver, long/short irons and pitching alignment. Practice with this tip and you’ll be able to hit your ball out of the bunker and straight to the hole.

Standing in the Bunker

This week’s golf tip is all about how to hit a shot that’s on the grass while standing in the bunker. It’s a complex shot to maneuver because the ball is above your feet AND your feet are not as stable as they are on the ground. Watch today’s tip for the best way to get out of this situation.

Buried Lie

Buried lies are very challenging. See how easily you can get out of the bunker and into the green with this tip.

Downhill Bunker Shot

Shooting from the bunker on a downhill lie can be one of the most challenging shots you’ll ever have to make in the game. Learn how to pull off this trick shot in this week’s tip.

Perfect Bunker Shots

Want to create the perfect bunker swing? Shawn has a simple drill that will dramatically improve your bunker shots.

New Way to Hit Bunker Shots

This week I’d like to show you a New Way to Hit Bunker Shots. If you can chip the ball well, you can probably chip it from the bunker. Let me show you how in today’s video tip.

Hitting From Fairway Bunkers

No Different Than Playing From Fairway Ball position and club selection should be the same. Dig Your Back Foot In This creates a bridge to brace your back Continue reading