Escape from Deep Rough

This week I’ll show you how to get a ball out of deep rough, over a bunker and onto the green to save par.

911 Slice

This week’s tip is about what to do if you ever find yourself stuck behind a tree on the right side of the fairway. You’ll probably need a “911 slice” to find the green.

Punch Shots

Watch this week’s tip to discover how to hit a low punch shot under the trees and onto the green.

Ball Sitting Down In The Rough

How do you get a buried lie out of the rough? Hit it with a short iron. I’ll show you how in this week’s tip.

Emergency Hook

In this week’s golf tip, I have a trouble shot that will give you the opportunity to make par even with a tree in your way. This emergency technique will help you bend the ball from right to left (around a tree) to hit the green.

Ball Below Feet

Ball Will Shoot Right This shaft affixed to the clubface shows the direction the ball will go due to the hands high at impact, opening of clubface and Continue reading

Uphill Lie

I’d like to share with you my latest video, “Uphill Lie.” In this quick tip, I’ll explain how to hit great golf shots on uneven terrain.