Golf Fitness with Damon – Proper Posture Prevents Poor Plane

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One of the most common problems that golfers have is the ability to separate the upper body from the lower half. In order to gain more mobility in the upper body and gain better width in your takeaway, always remember the five P’s: proper posture prevents poor planes. At the address position you want to set yourself up for success but so many of us fall into what I call “C” posture (hunched back) or an “S” posture (arched lower back). Both positions are due to weakness in the postural muscles and can cause a multitude of swing faults that take us away from proper swing plane.

The Fix:

Seated Upper Torso Turns, Seated Upper Torso Turns to Side Bend. This exercise will help develop greater mobility between your upper body and lower body and create stability in your core. Also, our goal is to create a solid foundation for your posture at the address position by creating a neutral position for your spine. By doing this simple exercise you will be able to create a more efficient and repeatable swing pattern and reduce the potential risk of low spine injury. Keep the five P’s in mind and you will soon maintain a proper swing plane!

Exercise Description: In a seated position with a towel or ball squeezed between the knees and hands behind head, try to rotate shoulders to the right and left, holding the end range of motion on each side for two seconds. Do this five times each side. Then, go into the same movement but now add a side bend, holding for two seconds each side. Do this five times each. For example: Rotate into your left side and bend your right shoulder to right hip. Body parts targeted: core, mid spine (mobility), low spine (stability).

Start position

Rotate torso right

Rotate torso with lat flex


Damon Goddard is the founder of Synergy Golf Fitness based in Dallas, Tx. With a host of PGA, Nationwide, AJGA, and Canadian Tour players, Damon has positioned himself as one of the leading experts in golf performance conditioning and post-rehabilitation. Damon has a bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness and is dedicated to continuing education and learning. His continued studies in the fields of human anatomy, exercise physiology, integrated functional training, golf performance conditioning, sports performance enhancement have further expanded his vast understanding of how to maximize performance at all levels. Additionally, Damon is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Level-3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute.