911 Slice


Step 1:
Hold the club in front of you. Open the face. Grip the club like you normally would.

Step 2:
Point the club to the target and your feet to the intended line (left of the target).

Step 3:
Swing the club down your feet line. The ball will cut from left to right around the tree.

4 thoughts on “911 Slice

  1. where do you place the ball in your stand for a iron shot say a 6 or a 8 iron. Can you slice a hybird if you can where do you place the ball I have a3, 4 And 5 hybird?

    Excellent demo

    • Paul,
      You can’t go wrong just placing it in the middle with all the clubs. It will also allow you to play the shot with a lower ball flight–which is really nice. Thanks! Sh

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