Approach Shots


6 Iron
For your 6 Iron, you should use a level setup with a 50/50 weight distribution.

8 Iron
As you move closer to the green, you will start using your shorter clubs. To ensure solid contact, shift your weight slightly to the left. This will give you more of a descending blow at impact.

9 Iron
With the 9 Iron, you will want a weight shift distribution of 65/35 with your body leaning more to the left. This brings the club into the back of the ball for solid contact.

17 thoughts on “Approach Shots

  1. Another great video Shawn. Always enjoy receiving them and reviewing the fundamentals of the game. Keep ’em coming! Thanks.

    • Art–Glad you like the tips. Trying to figure out anything on your own can be difficult. And especially GOLF, because its the most difficult sports in the world.

  2. Thanks Shawn! I was finding this to be the case by trial and error. Thanks for reinforcing this idea. I was seeing better shots when I did this. But am glad to see you are teaching this concept!
    Always enjoy your teaching an ld tips! Keep ’em coming.

  3. Shawn.

    I have been following your video tips with great interest. Very good tips very well explained, especially this weight distribution. I’m currently in the middle of an instruction package, and my pro has exactly the same thoughts, and boy has my approach and short game improved. More consistent contact and distance control, its all about confidence!

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