Are Your Feet Square at Address?


Flare the Left Foot
By angling your left foot outward, it will be easier to shift your weight as you turn and follow through.

Square the Right Foot
When you square your right foot, you are able to use maximum energy on the downswing.

If you angle your right foot, you will lose energy on the backswing.

4 thoughts on “Are Your Feet Square at Address?

  1. Would like to know some tips on contact…Being able to make good contact with the ball all the time..I’m a high handdie cap and a lot has to do with not being able to make good contact all the time.. I hit my short irons alright but when it comes to the 6 and the 5 I’m
    so-so, I hit the 6, about 150 or so and the 5, 160 or so ..that’s when I make good contact…Any help will do. Thanks!

  2. Shawn, what is the best way to draw the ball? I’m a 10-11 handicap and struggle drawing the ball especially with my irons. I have watched numerous videos and still can’t seem to feel comfortable and confident when I need to execute the shot. Your guidance would sure be appreciated…

    Thank you…

    • Dale, The club needs to arc slightly from the inside. I would highly recommend my DVD “Repeating Swing Blue Print” its available on my site in the store.

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