Avoid the Trouble

Determine Your Shot

Today’s tip is all about course strategy. This is a par 3 that is about 230 yards long. Most of the trouble spots are left of the center of the green. The ball needs to land on the right of the green to be in good shape.


Avoid the Trouble

We want to avoid hooking it because that will land us a double bogey. The goal is to hit a fade toward the trouble and allow the ball to travel away from it in the air. Execute the shot you’ve planned to stay away from any trouble spots.




2 thoughts on “Avoid the Trouble

  1. Hi Shawn, I have read and studied your book and it has helped me bring my game from the low 90’s to the low to mid 80’s. I still have trouble dropping my arms first on the down swing consistently. When I am loaded up at the top of my swing, I feel the need to start my down swing by driving my hips. Is there an exercise that I can use to get the feel of dropping my arms first?

  2. I have been a single handicap for over 25 years and last year 2015 my game went totally bad. I went from a 9 to 14.6 handicap in 3 months, I really needed help. I use to have a good instructor that kept my game in check but he quit a few years ago. I never fell for any vedeo instruction in the past because I felt that they were a waste of money. I was playing so bad last season when I saw a add for Shawn Humpries Repeaing Swing BLUEPRINT and it seemed different than other adds that I have seen so in desperation I purchased it. I only had a month left of the season when I received this vedeo because I live in the great state of Minnesota and I average about 8 rounds a month and I ended up with a 10.9 handicap last year, Before the season started this year I watched the vedeos and practiced, 8 rounds into this year my handicap is now at 9,2 and I really feel that I will see a 6 or 7 this year. I 100% encourage anyone of any handicap to get this vedeo. I never met Shawn Humpries and I never heard of him before this.. GOOD LUCK

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