Buried Lie


Setup Position

Setup square to your target line with a forward ball position. Dig your feet into the sand for extra stability.

Close the Toe

Close the toe of the club so that it faces inward toward the sand.

Scoop It Out

Take a normal swing. The club will come into the ground with a closed face. Then, it will dig into the sand and open up. Your swing motion will look like an ice cream scoop and pop the ball out of the sand and into the air.

4 thoughts on “Buried Lie

  1. Shawn,
    I was wondering if you’re closing the club face first then gripping it or do you rotate your hands to the left (RT. hand golfer) to close the club face so when the toe makes contact with the sand it will rotate your hands back to normal.
    Gary Woods

  2. What’s your views/advice on using arm lock putters???Ive read there are a variety of grips; Ive tried them and can’t seem to get comfortable with them……HELP!!!!!

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