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    • Cam–I’m not concerned with you being impressed with my chip. Its the process. And if you would like help on your game you should check out the Elite Golf Academy. If you practice that much on your game–you not training correctly. Training is the key and the key to training is the Elite Golf Academy.

  1. I am having issues with 10-20 yard chips. While practicing chipping, 15 of 100 chips in the 10-20 yard distance ended up in the bushes, 45 deg to the right. (Right handed player) It’s not a true “Hossel Rocket” in that the ball is struck with the clubface but, the clubface is open causing the ball to squirt off the the right. An inconsistent correction I use is to hinge the clubhead to the inside on the take away then start the downswing by moving my right knee toward the left knee and this seems to square the club but does not work consistently. Any tips for this?

    • Harry– Who is coaching you? There is no wonder you’re hitting it off the planet. The club needs to work straight back and straight through with a square face. Taking the club inside and opening the face for a chip shot is a recipe for disaster. Join the Elite Golf Academy and all your troubles will go away. Its the secret sauce to better golf. Sh

  2. Shawn,

    When you chip it looks like the club stays on plane, not straight back and straight thru? Please clarify, doesn’t the club face trace
    the target line going back?

    • Marc–It depends on the type of shot your are faced with. In most cases if you are chipping you want the ball to come in low. So a straighter stroke is needed with a closed face. Most players put too much loft on the club and come up short.

  3. Hi Shwan , you probably do not remember me from the UK. I found out about you many years ago and have pucrhased your book and 2 dvds. Both the DVDs were about the full swing.
    Am I right that the only thing I am missing so I have a full set of your instruction is a dvd on the short game or is there something else.
    You alwsys make what you are saying so clear – then it is up to us to put into practise. I have not played much this year (wife ill)but went out a few days and played a club medal. Concentrating on 2 things – forcing the club back more to the outside helped enormously (thank you for that) + keeping my back to the target for as long as I can on the downswing (not sure who gave me thatone). My score was not brilliant but at leat I got near the greens in par but then struggled on the putting.
    keep it up you should be in top 10 not just top 100.
    Ifor from Wales

    • Ifor–thanks for the note. Glad you are getting out to play. Its good for the soul–regardless of how you score. Thanks for the kind words. Sh

  4. Perfect dĂ©monstration of the “magical triangle” going back and thru,without flipping the wrists .The magical triangle is made of your shoulder Line and your arms .perfect no nonsense golf lesson .Thank you Shawn .What about a sand save lesson ,but with diffĂ©rent types of sand consistency ?

    • Mark–the key to the yips is making a very drastic change. One handed is something that is drastic. I would encourage you to continue to make radical changes with this.

  5. Could you turn your head to the left instead? That way you’re looking at the target, like putting while looking at the cup instead of the ball.

    • In putting you don’t dip and hit the groud. With your head turned right its the opposite direction the club is going a restricts your body from lowering and moving the direction of the ball.

  6. Thank you, since I have been watching your tips I have improved a lot on my game. I went down like 10 stokes per game. Thank you, Jim. My friends are impressed with my chipping and been recommending your videos to them. Thank you again. My average was around 95 now I am on the 88,s.

  7. Hi i have just started watching your tips,where can i get some tips on driving as this is a big problem in my game. I probably hit 5/6 good drives a round, thought about just using my 3 wood in future as its affecting my game.


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