Chipping: 3-in-1


Placing the ball position in the back of your stance lets it come in low and run out.

Using a ball position in the middle of your stance allows it to carry more with less run out.

If you select a forward ball position (left of your belt buckle), it has even more carry and less roll.

23 thoughts on “Chipping: 3-in-1

    • Tony,
      Glad you like the Hump Day videos. You may view them as well as some of the archived on the home page of my website. Unfortuntately they are not for sale–just viewing only. Sh

    • John, Its more of a chip. Focus more the content and the correction than the actual shot. If you will do that it will really help you.

    • Dan–the best way is to learn to hit big hooks which will give you more roll out. And you can do this by squaring the clubface early on the down swing.

  1. I hit the ball long and don’t have much trouble with direction. Some days however I do have trouble squaring up my wedges, I leave them open and of cosset my ball flies off to the left (I am left handed), how can I fix this?

  2. hi , im not striking my irons consistently . can you show me a consistant method to strike my irons. thanks shabbir

    • Shabbir–without a doubt you need my DVD “How To Build A Repeating Swing” to help you with striking your irons. It truly will help you. Sh

    • Aunt Micki–so great to hear from you. Especially on my site. Thank you for writing. Hopey you are well. Love you!!

  3. Hi Shawn. Love your videos. Was wondering what you would recommend for normal chip shots with no obstacles in front of you and with which club.

  4. Shawn, I’ve had two of your DVD’s “how to Build a Repeating Swing” and “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing” for about 10 days. They have helped my game immensely. I used to bend my knees so much that I was much too low to the ground which restricted my follow thru, etc. Since working with your instruction I’m hitting the ball 20 yards further and mostly in the short grass. My handicap is on the way down.

    Thanks so much,

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