Chipping Angles


Step 1:
Create your training station with a tour stick in the ground. The top of the tour stick should measure 20 inches above the ground. Place a golf ball 6 inches in front of the tour stick.

Step 2:
Setup to the ball and work the club back so that the bottom of the club brushes the tour stick.

Step 3:
Use the tour stick as an alignment guide. Work the club straight back and straight through and practice chipping the ball on the green.

9 thoughts on “Chipping Angles

  1. Shawn,

    On volume 1 hump day tips. You showed the lob shot as lowering the
    club, however I am not sure about the angle to approach the ball? Should it be shallow which is what I thought except it is very difficult to use the bounce of the club.. Or should it be steeper where you would not lower the club? I am confused, please help??

    • Marc–It comes in very shallow and requires hundreds of hours of practice. Its one of the most difficult shots.

  2. Your tips help me last year on my way to a National Championship on the Nature Valley Tour.

    The chipping tips and putting came in handy at Sawgrass.



  3. Shawn,

    Your Hump Day tip on chipping angles was one of the best and is really helping what has always been the most annoying part of my game….but what club are you using in the clip?

    Many thanks

    Clive Atkinson.

  4. shawn, a big fan for years , great diversion from the “Hump”. approximately what degree would you say that takeway angle ends up being , at that 20 inch length . it will vary depending on our “tour stick “length ? thanks , keep up the great work. how about some more deep putting thoughts , when you can.

    • Tommy–Thank you! If you have our tour sticks–they are 40 inches. And that’s what I would recommend. Thanks for the rec.

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