Chipping From A Bunker


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If you sometimes have trouble with your bunker shots, you should try this alternate method for more consistent results.

Keep the Speed
Use a sand wedge with a chipping motion with a lot of speed. The biggest mistake that recreational golfers make is not putting enough speed on it. This method forces you to focus on the speed.

The Result
With this hybrid shot, you will get close enough to the hole to make par. Commit to the shot and follow through.

11 thoughts on “Chipping From A Bunker

  1. Hey Shawn, I know this might be jumping the gun, but any idea when Hump Day DVD #2 might be coming. The first one is excellent.

    Thanks Mike.

    • Mike, The team is working on “Hump Day” version 2. We will let you know when we will begin pre-selling. Thanks! Shawn

    • Larry–You are almost catching the ball and the sand at the same time. FYI–on a full swing bunker shot–you should hit no more than an 2 inches behind the ball. Sh

  2. One of the best tips from the bunker I’ve seen….I definitely feel more comfy with the idea that the swing is more chipping than a full swing…seems less room for error…plus, this seems pretty much what mickelson teaches in hinge and hold technique…just stated differently…thanks

    • Noel–you are definitely right with Michelson. Phil is one of the only modern day guys that really figured it out on keeping the speed in his short-game. Hinge and hold is the key. It a recipe for speed and control.

  3. It is great to see an alternative to the splash shot from the bunker and this is a lot easier to grasp for players because it uses a technique they are already familiar with. It just adds the one modification which is the speed element. Thanks Shawn. Will definitely be trying this.

    • Thanks John–the absolute key to any short game shot is keep the speed going with the writst. Reason being–its the only way you can control the ball. When you are decelerating you give up all control, speed and spin. Glad you like it!! Sh

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