8 thoughts on “Chipping Impact Move

  1. I use the ratio-system that you teach for chipping with great success. Really appreciate the information that you provided in that short game video – it has worked wonders.

    • Rick–great to hear your success with the Ratio System! Its definitely a game changer when you have a system to follow that allows you to commit to the shot. Thank you again for your business.

  2. Shawn,

    I purchased the Two Step Swing video last year. I like the easy and clear process you use to demonstrate the swing. I have a question, you do not mention weight transfer in your instruction. Every video and golf instruction emphasize the importance of transferring weight to the left side to initiate the downswing. I do feel that this process may happen as we start the falling of the arms. Please respond.

    • Jim–thank you for the note. Weight transfer is overrated! Its a by product of your swing–so by letting the arms swing the body will follow.

  3. Great video. The leaning forward of the sternum and shaft angle of the club has been overlooked in the previous lessons I have had.

  4. Hi Shawn,

    I love the great tips and products you provide. I was wondering if there is a video on your site or online on how to use the Ball Position Trainer?

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