13 thoughts on “Chipping like A Pro

  1. Thanks for the great tips. I now can drive the ball straight and am getting great distance.
    still need help on my chipping game.

  2. Thanks for the chipping tip. Most of the time I do well with chipping but now I know why! This tip should help me everytime.

    Thanks for the hump day tips and please keep them coming. We high handicappers need all the help we can get.

  3. Shawn I have been watching your hump day tips for a while now. I had my best round of golf to date. My buddies were talking about the lessons they thought I took, but I told them it was the hump day tips. Great tips! Shot a 43 on the front 9, my personal best. I was totally focused.

  4. Hello: I purchased just yesterday “Fix your swing” and “Short Game Precision ”
    They were downloaded, but I cannot find them. I paid for them-Discover. Roger

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