3 thoughts on “Chipping Pre-shot

  1. I´m very sorry to hear this tip. Why not 10, 20 or 100?, this advise encourages people for slow play!! not only for a difficult shot but for all of them; this is a special problem among the young golfers. If anyone practice enough outside the golf course the distances will come automatically out. No need to waste time. I think teaching-pros should encourage to their students not only good manners, good swing, etc. on the golf course but also to move and play fast.

    • Alfonso–I respect your opinion and we are entitled to our opinions. Please know I have no opinions–just cold hard facts. I have been teaching, training, and coaching for 25 years and have coached players to win on every professional tour in the world, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA national champions, college All-Americans, High school state champions, AJGA–All Americans. I run one of the most sought after youth academies in the world with 150 kids. 100% of our graduating seniors have been offered scholarships the past 11 years. Our kids are the fastest players in the game and the AJGA tour round average is 3 hrs. and 50 minutes. We have the best of the best training our kids. Olympic Gold Medalist–training them in mental toughness. Doesn’t matter if its an adult player or beginner the only way to gain consistency is being able to replicate / duplicate. When you can do this you have a better chance to master something–that leads to consistency. If you don’t have a pre-shot for every single shot in the game–you get out of sync and your mind will wonder and the environment controls your game. I think we know what we are doing–our students are our measurements–and I challenge you to open your eyes and move from conventional wisdom.

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