Distance Wedge Precision

50 Yards
Turn your 56-degree wedge back to 9’oclock to master your wedge shots 50 yards away.

75 Yards
Train for this distance with your 56-degree wedge. Simply go to 10 o’clock and follow through.
100 Yards
For a target 100 yards away, use your 52-degree wedge. To increase your precision, hitting into a net.

125 Yards
Use your 48-degree wedge 125 yards away from the target. This loft will allow the ball to travel farther than the 52-degree wedge.

11 thoughts on “Distance Wedge Precision

  1. I’m an old guy so there’s no way I can hit any wedge 125 or even 100 yards. But I do agree that knowing how far you can hit each wedge is important. I use a 64 degree for up to 40-45 yards.
    a 56 degree up to 60 yards; 52 degree up to 75 yards and 48 degree up to 90 yards. For in- between distances, I dial down on my backswing. Works pretty well for me….I’m in my 80s.

  2. Like Ken there is NO way I can hit 100 with a 52. That ‘s either P wedge or a 9 depending on wind! but like Ken says get to know the clubs that give you those yardages! Easy to do in a range session.

    • David–I’m not asking you to hit your 52 degree 100 yards. These are my distances. The system is designed for you to use the club that you need to hit the appropriate distance. Everyone is different.

  3. Are you suggesting that everyone carry 4 wedges? I’m an older golfer (71) and need all my clubs from the 3 hybrid to a PW (52) SW (56) and 60.

    • Lou–My academy members will tell you that I’m not that big of a fan of the 60 degree. It actually has too much loft for the recreational golfer. The key wedge is the 52. I think its the most important wedge in the bag outside of the 56.

  4. I’m 6’6″. Would my position be set a little wider because of my height? I would think this would be set for people that didn’t grow to their full potential.

    • Bob–you may need to play around with it. I’m 6’4″–and one thing you want to keep in mind, make sure its not too wide so you will keep the swing under serious control and keep it short. Its about precision and not power. Thanks!

  5. This helps, though I am still lost on what wedges to use. I hit my PW anywhere from 145-157 on a full swing.

    • Stephen,
      My first question, what is your current scoring average. The exact average–please. Next — if you hit wedges from 145-157, how accurate are you? You whould be at 80% or higher with a wedge at this distance. Thanks in advance. Shawn H

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