12 thoughts on “Don’t Rush Putts

  1. Dear Shawn: I have some of your dvds and bought some products from you and enjoy them. They have helped me very much. I really appreciate being able to visit you on the hump day. This helps me to proceed to be a better golfer. My problem is being able to remember and apply all that is presented. But, it does come back to me at times when I least expect it. You have a good program. I wish you well with it ant Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Roger Kenny, Sun City, Az—75 years young.

  2. I really enjoy your tips and have been very usefull in my golf learning process.
    Thank you for this sincerely.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch the last video about putting. Could you please assist me with this?



  3. hi, I’m Steve Buschemi, famous actor. Shawn has really helped me in my golf game and I do not hesistate in recommending Him

  4. Dear Shawn
    I see your tips every week but I do not get your tips my brother in law sends me every week.I enjoy and learned from your tips .wishing you and your family Merry Christmas.
    Raj desai.

    • Raj–thank you for the note. Glad your brother has turned you on to SHGP. If you want to join our database–you must do it on your own. Please go to my home page and register for the free swing clinic. You will receive a series of traning videos via emial and will also receive our weekely Hump Day series. Thanks.

  5. Shawn,
    Thank you for this great tip.
    Played nine holes this afternoon and using your putting set up I putted the best I have ever done. No 3 putts, sank a 45 footer, on 2 other 40 plus footers I got the ball to within 1 foot of the hole. I sank a couple each of 6 and 8 footers with ease plus a couple of 2 footers.
    My putting made up for some not so hot fairway shots.
    Once again thank you.
    A very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.
    Ric Wickham

    • Ric–Wow! That’s awesome and thank you for sharing your personal best putting round. So good to hear the Putting “Don’t Rush Your Putts” has helped you. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well. Enjoy your summer down under. Cheers! Sh

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