Downhill Bunker Shot


Tilt Your Body
When you setup to it, make sure your hips, knees and shoulders are on the lay of the land. Tilt your body so that it matches the downhill lie.

Forward Ball Position
Your ball position is forward because your body is tilted, and the club will bottom out more toward the front than normal.

Low through Impact
As you set into it, lower you hands. From here, you hinge the club up and slide it underneath. Accelerate and stay low through impact.

6 thoughts on “Downhill Bunker Shot

  1. Shawn: I really enjoy and benefit from your “Hump Day” lessons. I relate easily to your teaching methodology. I wish I had discovered you many years ago. Keep up the good work.

  2. Shawn,

    Could you please continue your lessons on bunker play.
    How to hit a bunker shot when the ball is tight against the lip of the bunker. Where exactly do you contact the sand behind the ball for this shot? Also, the ball position in this stance and how much do you openb the club face.


    Bill Dycus Granville, Oh I have learned a great deal from your Wednesday Hump Day Series. Thank You

  3. Hi Shawn, just a thank you for ALL your tips, they are without doubt the answer to so many everyday golfing problems.
    I am sure if I were younger and had these answers I would be scratch in no time at all.

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