Easy Fix to an Inside Path


Step 1: Hips
When you setup to the ball, turn your hips slightly to the right.

Step 2: Shoulders
As you turn your hips, angle your shoulders to the right as well.

Easy Impact
Turn the club back and drop your arms from the inside. This will be much easier because your hips and shoulders are already prepared for the backswing.

12 thoughts on “Easy Fix to an Inside Path

  1. I really like your tips on turning the hips and shoulder before the upswing, it works wonders for me.
    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    Have been having trouble getting the ball into the air over about 5 feet. Had no trouble last year always about 200yards,. Then all of a sudden every thing started being pulled to the left. Like hitting to a third baseman. Have been trying to slow down my swing and hitting the ball straight but not getting any height but straight. I am at a stand still have tried moving ball forward and back same results. Since I slowed down I find that I have been hitting ground behing ball before striking it. Iam about 5’8” 235 and 71 years old.


    Thank you

  3. Hi Shawn I’ve had loads of lessons to try and stop me from swinging over the top but although I practise religiously I can’t seem to get any consistency and when I have a card in my hand for club competitions I tend to revert back to over the top and end up with a next to useless score. I will try your drill the next time I’m at the practise area and hopefully it will work. Cheers

    • Paul–thanks for the post. This is all self image driven. Your self image makes you act like you or it tells you its like me to act like this in a situation. The key is to train your image so when you are handed a scorecard–its like you to perform well in competition. If you want to change this–I would recommend you attend one of my high-performance Mental Training Golf Schools this winter / spring. Its a game changer. Shawn

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