Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots


Step 1:
Place a few tees in the ground several inches apart. Then, setup two tees with golf balls on top of them.

Step 2:
Practice your pitch shots and try to catch the tee on the down stroke. The tee provides a good checkpoint.

Step 3:
Pitch the ball off the tee with the same angle as before. This will give you more solid impact.

4 thoughts on “Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots

    • Bill– The extended version is what you see on this page (see above). Each week Shawn provides a pictorial break-down of each element of the instruction on his website. This breakdown is not available on the GOLF.com website.

  1. Thanks for the tip. Clearly hitting down on the ball is key. I noticed you reset your feet forward after you made the very first shot. That in fact is also one of the very important keys to hitting down on the ball. Also most handicap golfers swing at this shot with the arms which makes the hit down inconsistent. Some mention of it being a one piece swing with the ball a little further back than a normal shot would seem to be helpful.
    I very much do appreciate your tips, so please keep them coming.
    Dave Holmes

    • Dave–thanks for the note. Actually if the recreational golfer will hinge the writs more on the back stroke–one will achieve much greater contact, speed and control. The ultimate key to chipping is speed in the wrists. More speed–more control. Very much like a NASCAR driver. When you let off the gas pedal you loose control. You have to create drag and that’s speed. Check out my new DVD “Short Game Precision” to learn more about the secrect sauce. Sh

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