Emergency Hook

Close the Face

With a closed clubface and a neutral grip, the only shot you should hit is a hook. Make it easier on yourself by closing the face at address. This way you won’t have to rotate the face through impact, and you can take your normal swing.


Align to the Right

As you setup to it, point the clubface to the target. To hook the ball, you should align your body to the right of the target. You should be pointing in the direction of your initial ball flight. As you swing through, the ball will start down your line and move around the tree.


6 thoughts on “Emergency Hook

  1. All videos are detailed just enough to fit a specific situation on the course. Shawn does an excellent job of helping you feel comfortable with what you want to achieve. Great teaching..it seems like Shawn knows you.

  2. Shawn,
    Great tip, I have been trying to manipulate the ball by adjusting stance and grip. This is clear and easy. Worked the first time I tried it.


  3. Shawn,
    Where do I sign up to receive Hump Day tips, or where can I change my email address in the system?

    I really enjoy the tips.

    • Bill,

      Usually you can just signup using the form on the right-hand side of the page. But if you have an new email address, please just contact support(at)shawnhumphries.com with your old and new email address and we can get you updated.

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