Essential Pitch Shots

Low Pitch Shot
To lower the ball flight on your pitch shots, close the face when you turn back.

High Pitch Shot
To elevate the ball flight on your pitch shots, allow the toe of the club to point upward when you turn back. The back of your left hand and clubface will line up together and your ball flight will be higher.

One thought on “Essential Pitch Shots

  1. Shawn;
    I would like to say the most game changer for me was your advice as to setting up to the ball. I have ALWAYS had a problem of NOT hitting the sweet spot on the club face. This has been for years of screaching of everyone who had anything to say about golf insturtion. I am snow bound in Minnesota right now but have tried your advice of the hand distance away from my body a few times before it got too cold and I am here to say with it I now hit the sweet spot EVERYTIME. THANK YOU,THANK YOU for all your help.

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