Find Your Ball Position


Step 1:
Do you want to find the ideal ball position for your pitch shots? Start by setting up to it a few inches behind the ball.

Step 2:
Take several practice swings on the ground. Pay attention to where the club is bottoming out.

Step 3:
Look at where the club made contact with the ground. This is your ideal ball position for getting the ball up in the air.

6 thoughts on “Find Your Ball Position

  1. Shawn i have made progress with the 2 position swing but I am not getting the distance I had hoped for.I am 82 and my turn is somewhat .restricted. Any tips?

    • Tom–you just started the training. Once you can repeat the moves you will hit more solid shots. Lets be realistic its not done overnight it takes time and work.

  2. Shawn: I have 3 of your videos now. I just bought the Two Step and had the Short Game plus the Repeating Swing video. Are there any changes to the older videos? You call the Two Step an updated version. I have been working on the older versions; can’t see a cog in the wheel of the Two Step, but am wondering if there are any that I should be aware of. Does the ball position stick work for people of all heights? I am having trouble with the Two Step and the driver.
    It is hot out here (Sun City, Az) so I have not been able to practice much. Are we supposed to go through the whole process with the two step even on the golf course? Roger Kenny

    • Roger–updated versions always include information that is not on the original DVD. And my new DVD “Repeating Swing Blue Print” is truly amazing.

  3. that assumes that when you “move into the shot” position your feet remained EXACTLY the same psotion relative to the lie and ball position. yes? how do we assure that, thanks , love your videos every week.

    • Tom–this segment is designed for you at the time you are playing and hitting the shot. That’s why I don’t give exactness of where the ball needs to be played. The ball is played based on where your practice swings are brushing the ground–regardless of how your feet are positioned. Focus on where the club is making contact with the ground–that’s where the ball is to be played.

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