15 thoughts on “Fine Tune Your Chipping Stroke

    • Terry–You could! However I would recommend getting my DVD (Short-Game Performance) to gain a better understanding of what clubs to us around the green. I designed a bullet proof ratio system that teaches you exactly what club to use around the green.

  1. He Shawn

    Great tip! However, you set it up for a very short distance and a hop. What about longer distances? How long a chip would you practice with this?


    • David, Same setup! I would recommend getting my DVD (Short-Game Performance) to understand the ratio system I designed to determine what club to use around the green.

      • Thank you Shawn. I mis wrote. By setup I meant the two tour sticks. Do you use the same setup of the sticks at the same width with longer shots? When I exercised short chips like the one you shows it worked great. But with larger chips I found that I needed to widen the distance between the sticks. Should I?

        • David–for any chip shot. If it becomes a pitch shot the club begins to arc. So you would not use this drill.

  2. Hi Shawn : I am having trouble with my chipping love the training video , but I see golfer using just their wrist when chipping, am I missing something what is the difference. I learn lots from your videos THANK you. BUD

  3. This question is related to the hump day putting tip you posted on 1/23/20013! How do the fingers of the right hand interact with the index finger of the left hand. In other words, what does the left side of the grip with both hands in place look like?

  4. At what distance from the landing zone should you go from “chipping” to “pitching”? Chipping harder with various clubs gets inconsistent results.

    • Harry–this is determined by the ratio process. I have that on DVD “Short Game Precision” and this will give you all the measurements you need to understand the shot as well giving you the confidence to commit to the shot.

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