4 thoughts on “Flight Your Chip Shots

  1. Great tip! I use 4 different irons when chipping according to the distance from my lie to the green/hole position. I also have a net but have never thought of using it this way!

    • T don’t understand. If I chip with a PW and and an 8 iron I am supposed to try to hit each the same height from the same distance into the net? That is confusing to me? What am I missing? It would seem to me if I chipped at the same height, that I would have to deloft the PW, or open the 8 iron??

      • He said each club has its own height for chipping and you should learn to always hit it at that height. That way, when you are faced with varying distances you’ll know which club to use.

        • Ellen–you are on the mark. The key is to know the height / flight of each club. So you can laser in your landing point. I’ve found that chipping into a net allows you to only focus on the flight and height of the ball. This is the key. Sh

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