6 thoughts on “Habits Follow You Around Chipping

  1. Shawn, I read your your Two step book and am reading it again.
    I seem to do just about everything correctly. I also follow your
    magazine articles. Always excellent. I do have a tendency to sometimes
    pull my iron shots about ten yards. However, on mu chips. I go back and thru and have success that way. Here is my question. When I concentrate on bringing my right elbow in to my hip, as you might do when you go for an inside pitch in baseball, my irons go straight.
    Would lke your comments if possible. Thanks

    • Hey Sal–thanks for the comments. If this is working for you–keep it going. If the ball starts off too far right, you’ve over done it. Lets keep it going. Sh

  2. Hello Shawn,
    I must be getting smarter in my old age(61). I just started doing this about a week ago thinking that it would break my awful habit of coming over the top. As a result, my swing is on a better path, contact is much better, and the timing of my entire swing is like a rhythmic dance, starting with the takeaway. I know this may sound a bit corny but it allows me to take the club away smoothly and slowly generating more speed as I swing through the ball. You must tell your viewers to be careful though as you can overdo it and come too much from the inside and find a whole new set of problems. The biggest issue is to remember is the full release of the club on the follow through. Thanks for your insightful videos.

    • Gil–Its amazing how we do pickup things along the way and we never stop learning. Great to hear all the details and the progess you are making. Appreciate the note. Sh

  3. Shawn, can you talk about releasing the club. Can you start sooner from the top on the way down for more speed? Thanks for the help, John Hewes

    • John–The arms are the first thing that start falling on the down swing. If you want all the details on it. I go into depth on my Two Steps To a Perfect Swing DVD. Its one of the keys to better golf. Give it a try. Sh

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