Head Up At Address


The Casual Golfer’s Mistake
Many recreational golfers don’t keep their face down at address. This posture forces them to depend on their peripheral vision to strike the ball. For maximum accuracy, it is always best to use the center of your vision (foveal vision).

Face Down & Head Up
To force yourself to focus the center of your vision on the golf ball, make sure that your face is down. Because this position doesn’t allow for a full shoulder turn, use two fingers to push your head up so that it is in line with your spine.

Correct Setup Position
From this position (face down & head up), the center of your vision is focused on the golf ball, and you are able to make a proper shoulder turn.

8 thoughts on “Head Up At Address

  1. Shawn, you’re too young to know this but, the head down, face down position is mostly seen in “older” golfers, it’s because we are wearing bifocal glasses and need to get our chin down to see over the bifocal part of our glasses.

    • Jim,
      Thanks–and you are right. I do coach enough old and new farts to know that your face needs to be down and not head up. THanks and keep grinding. Sh

  2. The hardest problem is golf to cure, any drills for hump day!!!Casting the club early not keeping lag..Lose all the power..Any drills for turning hips and keeping the Lag..GMay

  3. Hi Shawn, I look forward to your Hump Day e mails each week. I am currently working through your package on Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing & awaiting delivery of How to build a Repeating Swing. To date I have gone through “Two Steps” about 3 times & each time I pick up on something I have either missed or not taken in. So I am still a work in process. Having said that, my main issue still seems to be letting my shoulders lead my arms, resulting in an out to in swing, reverse rotation & what can be, a one & a half fairway slice.
    Short of having someone stand near me with a tazer to zap me each time I do it I struggling to overcome this action. When I started on the position 1 & 2 I was OK for a few weeks but now my body has said “That’s enough” lets play the old golf.
    Perhaps you may have some additional thoughts on overcoming this problem?
    Regards Bill ( Melbourne, Australia)

  4. Two steps has simplified my 67 year old swing thoughts and lowered my scores and raised my distances, with accuracy. I find it ironic that there are two,and only two drills recommended by another teacherin Tour Tempo, those being the y-drill (position 1) and the L drill(position 2).Additionally in the original magazine article on the perfect golf swing, where Shawn says to let everything drop, only then did I understand the action required to put the club in the slot . Thanks Bob Phoenix

  5. There are 2 things that have helped my game in the last 2 weeks. I purchased the Ball Position Trainer and realized my stance was too narrow. My driving has been helped with a more stable back swing. Also your tip on Head Up at address allows a much freer turn. Incredible the difference in those 2 simple things.

    • Ken, So great to hear of your change and progress. Its amazing the small and simple changes can have the biggest impact. Keep grinding! Sh

    • Ken,
      Thanks for the note. Its amazing how we pickup on the simplest things. Keep up the great work. Sh

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