19 thoughts on “Hinge and Turn on Your Pitch Shot

  1. Hi,

    I like your tips butI do wish you would say what club you are using to make a shot. It looks like it could be anything from a 9 iron to a lob wedge.


  2. Shawn, a few weeks ago I purchased your full swing DVD and it has helped me a great deal.The one area I am having trouble with is with my driver trying to get my arms to fall in the correct position as I start the downswing to stike the ball. I seem to do it fine with my short irons but with my driver I have not been successful.
    Is there a drill I could do that will help me get my arms to fall at the right time and into the right position?
    Your instuction is excellent as it is simple and easy to follow.

    Hank (Age 70)

    • Hank–lets go with an external cue. Focus on letting the handle of the golf club drop instead of the arms or hands. Maybe even thing about letting the shaft fall as well.

  3. Another excellent demonstration of the short pitch.shot I should add that you have to keep most of your weight on your left foot ,so to avoid scooping or skulling the ball or it will go screaming across the green .
    Don’t you have yourfine lessons in form of a book ,whether paperback or hard cover .I hate DVD’s which aren’t esay to peruse

    • Raymond–thanks for the comments. In regards to the weight on the left side. The pivot I talk about in the video takes care loading your weight on the left side at address. If you load your weight to much it will create a steep impact. Just pivot of the right foot and manage the finish and it will take care of everything.

  4. Shawn;

    I have used your Two Step & Short Game dvds and in a mattwr of six months I have gone from a 33.2 to 14.4 ! I played for over 30 years at the 33.0 level & never was able to put all of it together until I played & replayed your dvds which game me the understanding that I never got from years of PGA lessons. Thanks for making my game what it is today.

    Greg C.

    • Greg–WOW!! This is the ultimate testimonial. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your success story. Really appreciate it as well as your business. Shawn

  5. Shawn – I just received your video regarding the swing finally arriving in Queensland Australia. My question:
    the irons would strike the ball on a desending blow leaving a divot slightly facing inward and the driver would strike the ball in an upward trajectory slightly from the inside out. Is this correct? If so then do we have a swing for irons and another swing for the driver.
    thanks in advance
    Carl Miller
    Queensland Australia

    • Carl–I think you must observe your ball flight seperately from each club. I’m not big on divots with irons. We all know that a shot tuck thin at impact will travel 90% of your distance and hold the flight line. When tour players miss-hit irons its usually on thin side–never fat. As for the driver–I truly believe that the ball should be place on a tee very low. No more than 1 1/14 inches high. This will have the same effect as the irons and if you miss-hit the ball, the strike is on the bottom face of the club. Giving you the same and positive result as a thin shot with the irons. Sh

  6. What is you take on connection? I notice you never mention it in your videos. I am interested in how you apply connection on your downswing.
    Great instruction, you have a way of making things simple

    • John–thanks for the note. I’m sorry, not sure what you mean regarding connection. Maybe that’s why I haven’t mentioned it. SH

          • SH-Please understand I’m not questioning your teaching, in fact I love it and apologize for any misunderstanding. Since I have a scientific background it is my natural curioity. About 20 years ago following back surgery I participated in a weekend clinic in New Hampshire where the pro taught a similar type swing with dropping the club. I was living in NJ and never followed up and drifted away from the swing. When I saw your method I jumped on it and purched your DVD. Sorry for the misunderstading

          • John–thanks for the note. Apprecite your words and good to hear we are helping you with your game. Have a great holiday season. Sh

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