Hit High Chip Shots


Step 1:

For this shot, use a sand wedge and move your ball position just to the left of your belt buckle.



Step 2:

Open your blade and keep your hands leaning forward into the back of the ball.



Step 3:

Create solid contact while opening the clubface as you move through impact.




22 thoughts on “Hit High Chip Shots

  1. Shawn, you are a terrific teacher, using your lessons my game has improved, nice easy to understand progressive method, congratulations,

    • Peter, I appreciate your kind comments. Glad you like the lessons. Thanks for taking the time to share. Sh

    • Joe,
      The best way to teach yourself–practice off very tight lies. This will teach you to bottom the club out in the exact spot of impact everytime. Remember to keep the speed at impact. It does take a longtime to develop this shot. However, once you have it–its awesome. Sh

    • Lee,
      Thank you for purchasing the 360 mirror. All our directions are on a video link that was emailed to you at purchase. Our admin dept–just emailed the linke to you. Be sure and save the link.
      Thanks again. Sh

  2. Thank you Shawn I have looked at hundreds of Golf instruction Video and you are the only Instructor that keeps it simple and makes it fun
    Your instruction has helped my game alot its funny because when ever I hit a good chip shot close to the pin I say thanks hump. Thanks again and keep up the good work

    Marcus from Oakland

  3. the three in one chip (which has always confused me,) was terrific, but only after i watched it over and over because the backswing is also the key. that is, the top of the handle was toward target at the back of transition zone, but slightly down. the middle shot was not parallel to ground for the shaft, but almost, and the forward highest shot was parallel with handle top facing the spot you intended, and the strike had a little more authority which is exactly what the pros do with that shot. tiger and phil swing for the fences at times for the flop shots they hit. using the technique of the three ball positions, and the proper backswing and strike, it worked like a charm. now to practice. being a guy who taught elementary school, i appreciate good teaching. the videos lately have been wonderful, by you, and others. nice job guys.

  4. Hello Shawn,
    I’m playing off a 2 and recently have been struggling with my chip and pitch shots, they are coming off really low and would like to get a bit more height on them

    • First I would definitely recommend my new DVD “Short Game Performance” training system that teaches you the short game system that the majority of the best players in the world now use. As for the technical–go to a higher lofted club and or move the ball up in your stance, its too far back in your stance.

  5. Hi Shawn,
    I bring you greetings from Alexandra in New Zealand and want to thank you so much for the fantastic tips I receive every week from you on Hump Day. May you and your family have a wonderfull xmas and new year.
    Kind Regards
    Mel Shrimpton.

  6. hi shawn , SHABBIR here from durban , south africa . thanks for all the hump day tips . really improved my short game.

  7. Many thanks for your hump day lessons.I have had fusion done of my back and very anxious to get out and try what you teach.

  8. hishawn: i bought your book two steps to a perfect golf swing.i really like the concept. i’m having a problem hope you could help me with. while playing golf or practicing out of nowhere i’ll hit the ball off the hossel of the club.what would you think i might be doing ? thank you. kutch.

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