Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin


Club Selection

For this shot, you would typically use a 56-degree wedge. But since you’d like to bring the ball in softly with a little spin on it, you should choose a 52-degree wedge instead.

Normal Backswing

Your backswing and downswing shouldn’t change from your regular pitch shot. This will help you produce plenty of speed at impact.

Release the Club

As you make impact, let the club relax in your hands. This simple movement will let the ball fall softly onto the green, skip a few times, and nestle up right next to the hole.

8 thoughts on “Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin

  1. High Soft Pitch Shots with Spin

    Thanks for another great Hump Day tip, Shawn. I can’t wait to practice it. I was wondering if the type of ball makes any difference here? Also, do you recommend a specific ball types i.e. 2 pc, 3 pc, for players based on their handicap or swing speed?


    • Anthony–In order for any player to take advantage of the super-balls on the market. Ones ball speed must be at 143mph or higher. 99% of the time the recreational golfer is using the wrong ball.

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