Hit the Draw Every Time


Open the Gateway

At the top of your backswing, hold your shoulder and hips. This opens the gateway for the arms to fall to the inside portion of the golf ball on your downswing.

Don’t Close Your Hips

Make sure that your body doesn’t move forward on your downswing. Moving your hips too soon closes the gateway you created on the backswing and forces you to come “over the top”.

Fall to the Inside

You should let your arms to release before your body. This allows the club to hit the inside portion of the golf ball. You will square up the golf club and you hit the draw every time.

13 thoughts on “Hit the Draw Every Time

  1. I have a golf simulator. It shows my swing is inside to out. It also shows my clubhead is open 5-10 degrees. So I still hit a fade. If I force my hands to turn over, I hit a hook. The club is closed 10-20 degrees. What do I need to do to get the club face square or hit a small draw?

    Thanks for your help, the videos are great

    Terry Whieldon

    • Terry–I’m not a big fan of golf simulators. Reason being you are not seeing the true ball flight of the ball. The naked eye seeing ball flight is your true measurement. You should never try and square the face at address. Once should always try and work the ball right-to-left or left-to-right. Never straight! This has to be done out in the field.

  2. I’ve always been taught to start the downswing from the ground up (feet, knees, hips, shoulders, arms and finally your hands), this tip contradicts with this downswing sequence?


    • Koen– what you have been taught is old school teaching. Don’t drift off the title of the video “Hit The Draw”! Its not on how the down swing starts. If you want to hit a draw please follow the video. Focusing on the ground up doesn’t emphasize arcing the club from the inside.

  3. Dear Shawn: I have been with your training programs (videos) now for about 1.5 years. I have 3 of the training videos. The last one that I bought-“Two Steps To a Perfect Golf Swing” is the best training video I have ever used. I had to watch the video many times and go practice and I was getting close to what you teach, but it took time to get it to cover up the flaws I already had in my swing. The past week or so I have gotten a better “groove” of what you are teaching and can score better, feel better and have the confidence that this will work. I am very happy with the results that I am having. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am 75 years old; been playing for 20 years; have a 13 handicap and have improved my golf game thanks to your video. I usually shoot 85 and up, but now I have in the past few days shot 79, 82 and today an 80. Cudos to you. Roger Kenny

    • Roger–thanks you for the detailed note. Wow! I’m so proud of your efforts. We are never too young to learn! Keep it going Roger.

    • Your golf club is too vertical or steep coming down. I would recommend that you flatten it out or make it more rounded. If you will take a few practice swings just above the ball and then hit a few balls off a tee–you will be back on track.

  4. I can start my arms first with the shoulders closed and the right hip back. But I feel like I can get no power. The ball draws but I can’t put my weight into it. I feel like I’m swinging just my arms keeping chest away from target in right hip back . The power I used to get was throwing the lower body first but then I would block myself with the right hip . How to get the power with starting the arms first

    • Scott–thanks for the note. The key here is to understand the balance of the arms and body.
      You are the one that has to determine. Do I want to be in play with my driver or do I want to throw my body into the shot and hitting my next shot from the trees. I would recommend that you stay with the arm movement and focus on the speed of the arms–this in turn will lead to more distance. I would move off the distance part. Keep us posted. Shawn

  5. I really enjoy your DVD and book. Is there some kind of video showing you or your students hitting balls? I’d like some idea of what to expect from your instruction.
    BTW: I’ve read or watched almost everything about the golf swing-yours makes the most sense. Keep up the good work Shawn…Wil

  6. Hi Shawn Love your video hitting the draw makes sense coming from the inside but it feels like I’m flipping the club at impact And I have no shaft lean

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