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  1. Shawn,
    Your tips of the week are fantastic.Several have been helpful but the one on swing plane helped me tremendosly. I’m now striking the ball much crisper and hitting a lot more Fairways and greens. The game just seems a bit easier when you feel good about your swing. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge/expertice. Plus you have a wonderful way about you and how you connect with your students.Your the best I’ve ever seen at what you do.
    Best regards
    Tony Lentini
    14 handy cap

    • Tony–Thank you for sharing your comments on the swing plane and the success you are having in the game. We work hard just like you Tony. And will keep cranking out the content for you. Cheers my friend. Shawn

    • Jack–on long putts your feet and body are not important to the break line. The putter alignment is most important–period!!

  2. i bought the SH Golf Pro for my iPhone & iPad soon as i found out it is available; best tool to have with on the range & a sneak peek on the course (when playing solo)
    Also thanks for the Hump Day Golf Tips; i look for it Every Week. Your instructions did help me a great deal – Thanks again Mr. Humphries.
    Wish i had the opportunity to meet you @ the Cowboys GC when we were there in March.

  3. I orderd your video “two steps to a perfect golf swing” and I am confused on the takeaway. Position one does not look like a takeaway to me.Please explain this to me.

    • Jarvis–Please remember this is a training DVD. As novice to intermediate golfers we have to truly keep in mind we are not professional golfers and never will be. The professionals make these moves in their golf swing and the best in the world at their trade. What I have done is take the golf swing and break it down into segments so the average golfer can digest, learn, and master what the best players in the world do on a regular basis. Please be mindful when learning any task–it has to be broken down into steps. For example–learning a dance step. No one ever learns the entire dance step in one or even five lessons. You are taught 1st position and 2nd position and on-and-on. This is the most efficient way to ever learn the golf swing. Same way martial arts is taught as well. Shawn

  4. i need to clarify that the SH Golf Pro App WON’T WORK WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS – when taking to the ranges out of range (no pun intended)
    A little disappointed, as i bought two other instructional apps that can be accessed anywhere anytime – vs the SH App which videos cannot be loaded w/o internet access. i hope this can/will be fixed as the app would be more valuable taken to the range to practice than watching in home. Nevertheless, i value the app and its contents. Mr. Humphries is a great teacher and as many already attested, has unique and efficient way to get his instructions to people willing to learn.
    Most respectfully,

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