How to Draw the Ball


Step 1:
Turn the club back and hold your shoulders at the top of your swing.

Step 2:
Keep your body still and let your arms begin the downswing. The key to the draw is letting your arms swing past your body.

Step 3:
The club will bottom out at the low point. By keeping your body passive, you will have a square clubface and hit more draws.

4 thoughts on “How to Draw the Ball

  1. Shawn, thanks for the advice. My swing key for years was “turn back, swing thru”, which allowed me to hit a powerful draw. I had forgotten this, unfortunately, and have been striking the ball poorly this year.

    Is it okay to use this passive body, swing the arms technique for all my full shots?

    Also, my takeaway has gotten way too inside. What key can I use to get it more straight back. I know I am rolling my hands to create this problem, but I can’t seem to stop it. I am a lefty who plays righty with a moderately strong left hand, and I feel the takeaway with my left hand only.

    Also, do you have a book or video on how to build a great swing?

    Thanks for your help.

    Jeff Jeter

    • Jeff–yes this is something you want use this on every shot you hit. It will allow a soild strike and right to left ball flight for right-handed golfers and a left to right ball flight for lefties. It doesn’t matter if you play left or right–regardless if you are left or right-handed. I’m left and right handed and have broken 80 twice left handed. If you have my DVD “How To Build A Repeating Swing” focus on the take-away. Remember in order to have consistency–you have to duplicate it. In order to duplicate something–you must master it. So master it and you will have consistency.

  2. Shawn is there a drill that helps develop the feel of dropping arms first on down swing? When I am loaded at top of swing, it does not feel natural to start down swing with arms first.

    • Hey Rob– I would really recommend that you pickup my “Repeating Swing Blueprint” DVD. It will walk you through all the details on how to create the feel to put the correct solutions in place. Sh

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